Can you Survive when there is no hope and you are on your last drop of water with no food…

at Wilderness Survival Training we will prepare you for every aspect of how to Survive and Thrive!!!

  • Wilderness survival training
  • Build an emergency shelter
  • ​Start a fire with flint and knap (no matches)
  • Purify Water
  • ​Make primitive survival animal traps
  • ​Animal tracking
  • ​Learn to identify and collect wild edibles
  • About primitive weapons
  • Planning to survive and succeed
  • How to survive when lost
  • Map reading and orienteering
  • Obstacle courses
  • The End Game

Wilderness Survival Course

Weekend Wilderness Survival
Course Details

Courageous souls are given the chance to learn indigenous skills in an active, hands-on environment. Learn the most important wilderness survival skills: Natural Shelter Construction, Water Purification, Primitive Fire Making, Obtaining Wild Edible Foods, Fishing, Self Defense, and Hunting Skills. This class is a combination of practical information, demonstrations, and hands-on experience with each of the skills.

Wilderness survival skills not only provide valuable tools that can be life-saving in the wilderness, but also teach concepts useful in the event of a natural disaster. Survival skills enhance our connection to nature and connect us with our ancestral roots. In this course, you gain the knowledge and experience to meet basic wilderness survival challenges. Skilled instructors will teach you primitive survival skills like Cordage, Friction Fire, Shelter Construction, Edible Plants, and Flint Knapping. Instruction  is hands-on and class sizes are small to ensure good supervision.  A wilderness cook area is set up for meals, as we want you to focus on the skills and be prepared to learn from dawn until dusk.

In this course you will:

  • Build an emergency survival shelter
  • Make a bow drill fire making kit, flint knapping, wilderness cooking
  • Learn about animal tracking for survival
  • Identify and collect wild edible plants
  • Purify water using rock boiling
  • Make a primitive survival trap

We have designed the Wilderness Survivor Vacation Weekend to be a one, two, three, or five-day survival experience. We will cover the five main aspects of survival: Shelter, Fire, Water, Food and Signaling.  We will discuss survival priorities and work our way through specific skills related to securing these five survival needs.  We will cover several primitive and modern techniques related to each skill as well as self defense techniques. We will have trained specialists in each course.  This will be a hands-on learning clinic – not a classroom lecture.  The ONLY way to learn survival skills is to practice them.