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Urban Survivor
When you realize that you are truly not prepared for a natural disaster, a Ferguson or an ISIS then maybe you will prioritize your life to learn to protect your family from the inevitable. When water, then food, then ammo is short of supply and the world is in chaos then you might remember the old Boy Scout motto be prepared. It is the smart and safe place to be. Your priority is to have a plan in place to protect and provide for your family in the event of a disastrous event. and it won’t take much to get there. it has been two years since Sandy and there are still people who are homeless and without food and shelter and jobs. So don’t be left in the cold, beware and be prepared.
When we train you for our Urban Survivor and Wilderness Survival courses then we will help you to go from the planning stage to implementation in a 8 hour seminar. After that you can return for advanced courses of Survival, and self defense courses that we will be training groups for in the near future.
You will learn the following:

How to build a team of friends and security minded associates without
compromising operational safety measures. The last thing you want to do is announce your provisions to your neighbors and make yourself a object.
 Easy to learn methods to pilot the urban harsh world after a debacle.
 How to bring back together your family, even if you start in multiple locations if your phones are inoperative, and your primary meeting point is compromised & perilous.
 How to compel your body and mind to react with striking rapidity to threats while everyone around is inoperative with dread and ineptitude.

Shortcut life-saving medical secrets you can use on yourself and your family, when seconds count and medical professionals are nowhere to be found.

How to know the parts of your city that pose a threat to you on a daily basis, how to prepare for it, and still sleep at night.
 Many people who were prepared and survived Katrina in place reported experiencing survivors’ guilt within 5-7 days. Learn how to avoid this crippling condition and keep your mind sharp in times of crisis.

How to stay “invisible in plain sight” to protect yourself from burglaries now and mobs of hungry looters in the future.
 Learn to “smell” danger in your neighborhood so you’ve got precious extra seconds to react.
 Get inside the mind of an angry mob of parents with hungry children so your family is the last one to be attacked and looted.

Gain the peace of mind that comes with KNOWING that your family has a plan to follow if you’re away from home or “out of action” when disaster strikes.

How to quickly & cheaply fortify your home to protect it from forcible entry & armed attack, without looking like the neighborhood Preppers or advertising yourself as a target.

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