Trademark Garage demolition


Interview: David Forrest
Trademark Demolition Services

SM: Dave, What made you go into the demolition business? 
DF: I worked for someone in the industry and I was given the opportunity to open my business. I guess the best way to put it is that it was my passion and a never quenching thirst for success !
SM: How long have you owned your own business?
DF: I have been in business since 2008
SM: The machinery is very expensive, how did you obtain all of your trucks and equipment?
DF: Through hard work and perseverance I was able to obtain my fleet of equipment each year I like to try and add a new item.
SM: How many pieces of equipment and what type do you own?
DF: At the moment I own Two Skid steers, Four Excavators, Four Tractor Trailers along with 15 Dumpsters and a 53ft walking floor trailer 
SM: What is your area of specialty and services?
DF: My main area of specialty is demolition whether it be a home to a 4 story building we have the equipment and the ability to handle all your demolition needs 
SM: You remove hazardous materials like oil tank removal and asbestos filled buildings. Most other demolition companies won’t touch those items. How were approved for that?
DF: Every year I go to classes for the asbestos removal and handling as required by the state to be a licensed asbestos contractor and freshen and enhance my skills in this area
SM: You also demolish and fill in in-ground pools, is there a great demand for that?
DF: Actually there is, 
SM: Trademark Demolition specializes in residence and commercial buildings demolition and removal. What is your target market?
DF: My target market is Homeowners 
SM: What territory do you work in?
DF: We cover the capital region down to the Hudson valley as well as North into the Adirondacks. 
SM: What are the future plans for Trademark Demolition?
DF: I would like to continue to grow and expand my company and give consumers other options in the industry from a person that is willing to go above and beyond their expectations.