Patrick Russo

NLR Properties, LLC

SM: Patrick, you have worked in many industries throughout your life. How has your diverse background prepared you to become a successful construction management firm?

PR: Having a background in the trades as a carpenter and painter really formed the quality aspects of the business.  Knowing how to create something special for clients from design to delivery with exceptional customer service, communication and project management is our simple recipe for success.

SM: What skills have you developed in the Construction management arena that separates you form other contractors just starting out in the industry?

PR: Construction is a complex business, more so than many people give it credit for.  Managing people, procurement, logistics, budgets and interfacing with clients and vendors is not something that people new to the industry can pick up day one.  I am fortunate to have had the run-time to develop these skill sets in our people, to a point where they set us apart as a company from mediocrity.

SM: What areas of construction and construction management have you developed that you specialize in?

PR: We specialize in Luxury Residential Construction and Renovations, Hotel Renovations and Commercial Real Estate Development and Repurposing

SM: You primarily work in the residential remodeling and build services. Which is your favorite area that you specialize in? Why?

PR: My favorite area is large-scale remodels… it reminds me of one of the Remodeling TV shows where there is a huge transformation and at the end the client’s quality of life and comfort is greatly improved.  It is nice to see that what we build makes a positive difference in people’s lives.

SM: You are looking to expand your horizons in the next 5 years. What areas of residential areas will you target market?

PR: We are expanding into Luxury new construction in the niche market for specialty homes like Timber Frames and Log Homes

SM: You are looking to expand into the hospitality and hotel industries. What are your plans for the next five years in the commercial construction management industry?

PR: Something about travel and a swanky hotel always intrigued me.  We are going to focus on hotel renovations in the business travel and luxury / resort markets… it jives with who we are as a company and as individuals.  With our team and experience, I can see us becoming a market leader in this segment within 5 years.

SM: What geographic areas are you looking to develop?

PR:  Primarily East Coast from New England down to Florida.  We also have plans for emerging resort markets in the Caribbean and Mexico.

SM: Developing and surrounding yourself with key personnel is necessary to be successful. What are you doing currently and what plans do you have for the future to capture and hold key personnel?

PR: Nothing could be truer.  Finding passionate and talented people is at the forefront of our growth.  A positive and rewarding culture with opportunity for professional development and personal growth is the starting point for growing a great team… but it doesn’t stop there!  We provide flexible work schedules, remote work opportunities, great benefits and the opportunity be part of a collective of dedicated professionals who love their jobs and enjoy coming to work each day.

SM: Your plan is aggressive and well formulated. How will you keep balance in your life?

PR: Personally, I don’t subscribe to the idea of “balance.”  If you want something you have to go after it with everything you’ve got.  Unfortunately, that means making personal sacrifices with your time and energy.  You can’t just throw a few seeds in the ground and come back in the fall to harvest… you have to get behind the mule every morning and work it.

SM: What attribute of yours best describes your success?

PR: Tenacity.  An unrelenting drive to push forward and remain persistent.  Hard times come and go, but those who weather the storms come out stronger.  Fair seas never made for skillful sailors.