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Success Magazine: Tim, how did you get started in the auto body business?

Tim Neet: I always had an interest in cars, so I went to BOCES for auto body repair and started my business out of my father’s garage.

SM:  Did you obtain financing from a bank and have a formal plan when you started?

TN:  I started with a three hundred dollar loan from my father and my first vehicle repair.  After that I buckled down and saved every dime I earned. My first loan was not for several years later when I bought my current location.

SM:  Through your hard work and perseverance you have developed a tremendous following.  You are about to celebrate twenty-five years in business. How did you make it through the tough times?

TN:  Failure was not an option. No matter how though the times became, I always did what I needed to do to continue on.

SM:  What services does Neet’s Autobody offer?

TN:  We do complete auto body repair and light mechanical work as well as towing. We work with all major insurance carriers, being able to offer top-quality work and a lifetime guarantee on our repairs.  At Neet’s Autobody, we feel it is very important that our customers know we fully stand behind all of our work.

SM:  What training do you and your service men have in collision repair training?

TN:  We have all trained with PPG, I-Car, ASE, and Chief frame repair. It is very important to me that we remain current on all the latest technologies in collision repair.

SM:  What separates you from the large dealer/franchise collision shops?

TN:  I have my hands and eyes on every vehicle that goes through my shop. When a vehicle leaves, it has my name on the repair.  My employees have been with me for over ten years, and I know they are some of the best in the business.

SM:  What can a customer expect from Neet’s Autobody?

TN:  A quality repair each and every time, done in a timely manner. Our customers trust their vehicles to us, and we make sure we do not disappoint.

SM:  What plans do you have for the future of your business?

TN:  We are looking forward to continued growth, without getting too big.  At Neet’s Autobody, we always want to give our customers and their vehicles the personal attention they deserve.