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Self Defense Training

Self Defense
By Tom Cronin

Develop greater awareness and vigilance, sharpen observational and judgment skills, learn communication techniques to defuse potentially volatile situations, and acquire competency in physical self-defense tactics for use when preventive measures fail. Each of the 14 steps featured in Self-Defense: Steps to Success provides a solid foundation of basic skills and concepts. As readers progress, they will learn how to apply these basic skills to defend against common unarmed attacks. Each step (chapter) explains why the concept or skill is important, identifies the keys to correct technique, helps readers correct common errors, explains how to practice each skill in realistic ways, lists specific performance goals for each drill, gives a summary checklist for evaluating proper technique, and lets readers proceed at their own pace. In addition, readers will learn the key concept of the “continuum of response,” which includes everything from avoidance techniques and verbal and psychological de-escalation skills to self-defense maneuvers. And for times when physical defense is deemed necessary, Self-Defense: Steps to Success details defensive techniques designed to neutralize the attack.

1. SELF DEFENSE HAS NO RULES – In a life or death situation, rules go right out the window. You need to use everything at your disposal to stop your attacker. Eye gouging, biting , throat strikes, and groin attacks are all fair game when trying to defend your life. Do whatever it takes to win!
2. Don’t Put yourself in Bad Situations – Avoiding conflict is just common sense, but all to often people seem to forget this most basic of rules. To truly defend yourself means to avoid the conflict in the first place.
3. Confidence – Believe it or not, an attacker can smell your fear from a mile away. Criminals are experts at picking the right victim and they tend to go after people who they feel are weak, and or vulnerable to attack.
4. Stay Aware – Become an expert at body language. How an aggressor is standing, looking, or motioning can give you clues as to what he is about to do.
5. Control the situation – Don’t react, ACT. The person who can control the situation is usually the person that will come out on top.
6. Hurt them first – If a fight is unavoidable, hurt them first and hurt them bad. Your goal is to immobilize your attacker, and physiologically defeat anyone who may be thinking about joining the fight.
7. Evade and Escape – As soon as you can, get away….. far away! Don’t let your ego get you killed; remember, if your dead you didn’t win the fight.

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