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Patrick Russo NLR Properties

Patrick Russo NLR Properties, LLC SM: Patrick, you have worked in many industries throughout your life. How has your diverse background prepared you to become a successful construction management firm? PR: Having a background in the trades as a carpenter and painter really formed the quality aspects of the business.  Knowing how to create something special for clients from design to delivery with exceptional customer service, communication and project management is our simple recipe for success. SM: What skills have you developed in the Construction management arena that separates you form other contractors just starting out in the industry?...

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Trademark Demolition

Trademark Demolition of home Trademark Demo home Trademark Demolition  Interview: David ForrestTrademark Demolition Services SM: Dave, What made you go into the demolition business? DF: I worked for someone in the industry and I was given the opportunity to open my business. Through hard work and determination we are here thriving today. SM: How long have you owned your own business?DF: I have been in business since 2008SM: The machinery is very expensive, how did you obtain all of your trucks and equipment?DF: Through hard work and perseverance I was able to obtain my fleet of equipment each year I like to try and add a new item.SM: How many pieces of equipment and what type do you own?DF: At the moment I own Two Skid steers, Four Excavators, Four Tractor Trailers along with 15 Dumpsters and a 53ft walking floor trailer SM: What is your area of specialty and services?DF: My main area of specialty is demolition whether it be a home to a 4 story building we have the equipment and the ability to handle all your demolition needs SM: You remove hazardous materials like oil tank removal and asbestos filled buildings. Most other demolition companies won’t touch those items. How were approved for that?DF: Every year I go to classes for the asbestos removal and handling as required by the state to be a licensed asbestos...

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Cops as Warriors Remember the Blue

by Tom Cronin “In Plato’s vision of a perfect society — in a republic that honors the core of democracy — the greatest amount of power is given to those called the Guardians. Only those with the most impeccable character are chosen to bear the responsibility of protecting the democracy.” We are losing the war and with that the virginity of the United States of America. We are no longer that country protected by our oceans boundaries and our friendly neighbors. The prior administration sought to destroy America and if left to their Saul Alinsky methods they will ruin our nation and its beauty. Our police are no longer honored as they have been for the last 250 years. They are treated as controlled bureaucrats who must operate at the whim of their elected mayors and officials who treat them with disrespect and disdain. Mayors like Bill de Blasio in NYC and Rahm Emanuel in Chicago allow their Black Lives Matter dissidents to parade without permit and chant “Pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon,”. We need to rise up and show respect to honor our police and help to bring back our society to the “Rule of Law”. Our police have no authority on the streets and they are always looking over their shoulder to ensure that they are not breaking the rules of engagement set by...

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Content Marketing Creates Leads

Use your content marketing in your website to reach your business goals To make sure that your content marketing is having the impact that you want it to have; you must have the right content marketing strategy. Regrettably, there is no magic formula to identify the key performance indicators (KPI) you need to measure. Content marketing goals are highly individualized. Your marketing priorities are strongly influenced by the size of your business, budget, available resources, previous trials and outcomes, plus many other factors that vary from business to business. Let’s see what you need to do to get the...

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