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Month: December 2016

Alaturco Mediterranean Cuisine Restaurant

Alaturco Mediterranean Cuisine Review Angela DeRosso As coupon crusaders bustle about Clifton Park Center Mall on their bargain brigades this holiday season, nestled within the shopping plaza is Alaturco Mediterranean Cuisine, a delicious Mediterranean oasis. Transport yourself away from the commercial commotion circulating the shops to a culinary paradise in a warm and intimate ambiance. Alaturco Mediterranean Cuisine’s warm Turkish tea coupled with the cool and rich sensation of their homemade Hummus and delectable Babaghanoush lathered on both soft and crispy pita is a combination unlike any other. This delicious starter will surely satisfy your cravings while leaving you ravenous for what is yet to come. We then tasted an Eggplant salad made up of chopped grilled eggplant, with tomatoes, red onions, peppers with olive oil. Our taste buds were now prepared for Alaturco’s Falafel made up of chickpea patties, seasoned with garlic, onion, parsley and topped with a delicious tahini sauce that will melt in your mouth and prime your taste buds for the main course. For the entre, you can choose from an array of meats scrumptiously prepared and seasoned to perfection including chicken, beef and lamb that can come served in various forms such as kofte, similar to a meatball, kebab, or select from an assortment of fresh fish. We enjoyed an Alaturco favorite: Karniyarik; fresh eggplant stuffed with mouthwatering ground meat and topped with sautéed...

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Superior Coop HVAC

Superior Coop HVAC Gerald Davies: Owner SM:        Gerald, why did you decide to become an entrepreneur? GD:        Having freedom, being happy and liking what you do is very important to me. After managing businesses for many years, I knew I would be better off in the long run building a business of my own. I realized that having integrity, knowledge, experience and a goal in my industry would build me and my family financial freedom from having to live pay check to pay check. SM:        You were in the military. What branch and how did that help you to become an entrepreneur? GD:        I was in the United States Navy back in the 80’s. I started out working as a deck hand doing maintenance of ships machinery and prepping the outer hull of ships for painting. I then moved to administrative as an assistant to the chaplains. I would get the chapel set up for the chaplains as well as managing a library. Working on the ship we had many duties from preventive maintenance and housekeeping to our regular daily work. When we were out to sea, many times we would work 48 hrs before a break and 7 days a week. SM:        What is your background in HVAC? GD:        After the military, I worked in automotive repair. I managed 4 locations in 11 years for a transmission franchise....

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