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Month: March 2015

Ice Dam Snow Removal and Emergency Repair

Ice Dams Snow Removal and Emergency Repair Recommendations on how to beat ice dams in the winter: • Act fast with a roof rake during a heavy snow: As I mentioned earlier, ice dams happen quickly after a heavy snow because of the insulating properties of snow. If you can get out and rake your roof with a special tool called a roof rake to remove at least the lower 4 feet of snow from the roof edge, you’ll do a lot to prevent the ice dams from even forming. A roof rake is like a shovel that is turned on its side so that you can pull snow off the roof toward you. It has a long handle about 16 to 21 feet long, and is safer than many other approaches since you use the tool from the ground, not on a ladder. • Calcium chloride or ice melt product: If you have an ice dam forming, one action you can take is to put a calcium chloride or similar product on the ice. (Forget any urban legends you may have heard about putting salt in pantyhose, it does not work well, takes a lot more salt and results in the pantyhose ripping apart). When you put the calcium chloride directly on the ice, be careful if you are on a ladder, icy conditions and ladder usage are...

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