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Month: December 2013

Augie’s Restaurant

Augie’s Family-Style Restaurant & Bar 17 Low St. Ballston Spa, NY (518) 884-8600   When the news broke this past August that Augie’s Family-Style Restaurant & Bar had burned to the ground, I do not exaggerate to say that there were untold numbers of Capital Region diners that were just heartbroken. Augie’s has legitimately earned a special place with local diners by consistently serving very generous portions of outstanding Italian food at reasonable prices.   Augie, being a man of action, knew he could not disappoint his patrons or employees. So, unbelievably, he began his search for a...

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Wilderness Survival

Wilderness Survival ADK We live in a day and time where there are more uncertainties in our world than ever before. Could we be hit by a natural disaster, a terrorist attack, biological warfare, a prolonged power outage, pandemic, or find ourselves the victim of a plane crash? We hope none of these scenarios would ever be the case, but it’s very important that if we were confronted with such a challenge, we would have the skills to greatly improve our chance of survival, and the survival of those we love. At Wilderness Survival, Co. we teach you the...

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Greene Overhead Door

Joe Greene Greene Overhead Door 711 Hudson River Road Waterford, NY 12188   I just had the pleasure of working with Joe Greene of Greene Overhead Door. A mouse had eaten through the rubber seal on the bottom of the garage door on my wife’s side of the garage. The mouse was standing there in defiance of my wife as he broke into the garage was beginning to build his winter nest. She panicked and screamed at the top of her lungs, since she is deathly afraid of mice. It was the day before Thanksgiving and she begged me to exterminate the mouse and get rid of it. I examined the garage door and realized that it needed a new garage door rubber bottom seal. 3 PM Thanksgiving eve…who is going to have what I needed. I tried some of the main contractors stores and no one had the make or model # of the seal that I needed. Frustrated, I began to call garage door contractors. I finally heard back from one contractor,Joe Green, even though he was in the middle of an emergency job trying to finish before the holiday. Joe could not make it to the house because he was in the midst of a job but he did call the Clopay dealer. They let me pick up the part that I needed, not asking for...

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